Contract Management Solutions Group

Start Your Contract Off Right with a Post-Award Kick-Off Meeting

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Come away with a common understanding of the contract, what is to be provided, what is expected, and how you’ll manage the contract together.

The Post-Award Kick-Off Meeting is critical to the success of your contract. We’ll help you identify all stakeholders and their needs, develop the meeting agenda, and facilitate your meeting.
Topics we’ll facilitate discussion of:

  • Why you signed the contract and what you expect
  • Contract structure, hierarchy and Ts & Cs review
  • Products and services requirements
  • Key Contract Deliverables and Payment Milestones
  • 30-60 Day Outlook of all Contract Activities
  • How will you communicate together?
  • How will you manage the contract together?
  • Performance objectives, measurements & Reporting
  • Review of the captured risks, issues and actions