Contract Management Solutions Group

Contract Owner’s Manual – Your Playbook for a Successful Outcome!

Contract Owners Manual
Customized for your contract and your business.

To be successful with contract administration you not only need to know what’s in your contract, you need to know how you’ll communicate and make decisions, who has the authority to submit and approve, processes to guide you, and where all the records and contract artifacts will be stored.

Our Contract Owners Manual includes:

  • Contract Analysis and Calendar
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Relationship Charter and Joint Governance Plan
  • Contract administration processes
  • Submission & Approval Forms
  • Contract Repository
  • Repository set up, usage & compliance guidelines
  • Administration System maturity assessment
  • Implementation checklist
  • Best practices for implementation and execution

With the Contract Owners Manual you’ll know what to do, with whom and when, where and how.